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2 months ago|417 views

Timelapse footage captures Comet Neowise through large thunderstorm

Timelapse footage captured the moment Comet Neowise blazed through the sky during a thunderstorm near Colorado Springs.

Footage from July 22 shows the daunting storm with multiple strikes of lighting as the comet is seen in the opposite direction.

The filmer, Bob Reny, told Newsflare: "A thunderstorm came through early in the timelapse. Each frame is a 12-second exposure."

The footage was compiled from 740 still images.

"I have been frustrated as thunderstorms in Colorado have been every day in the evening blocking the ability to get pictures of the Comet Neowise.

"I have been getting up early and getting fog or cloud cover for pre-dawn visibility.

"Lucky for me, a thunderstorm and Comet Neowise into one string of photos," Reny said.
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