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We and our partners use cookies to better understand your use of online services. Some of our partners are our affiliated companies as they also belong to Vivendi group. To take into account your preferences and improve the Vivendi group offer, we may share some of your information with these affiliated companies.

Cookies are small files dropped on your device when you browse on Dailymotion, watch a video via our player or an associated ad, and are used to collect or access information, including personal data, for the purposes listed in the module further below.

We use essential cookies which are necessary for the operation of our website, to protect you against security risks or to enable you to log in.

Upon your approval, Dailymotion and its partners may also use other cookies to collect additional information. To learn more about Dailymotion's cookies, please read our cookie policy.

Some of the collected information may include your personal data. Personal data may be processed by Dailymotion and/or its partners only for the purposes you have consented to or, if either a legitimate interest justifies it, or if the law otherwise requires so.

To learn more about our partners' legal grounds justifying the processing of your personal data and access their privacy policies, you may refer to our Partners List. Please note that some of our partners may process your personal data based on a legitimate interest, such processing does not require your consent. We invite you to contact them directly, by using the contact procedure available in their respective privacy policies, if you wish to opt-out of such processing.

For all processings requiring your consent, you may manage your privacy preferences by indicating your consent choices in the module available below. Your privacy settings only apply to the browser and device you are currently using, but you may modify them at any time.

If you do not set your privacy preferences, by accessing content, ads or videos, or by using the search engine on our site you indicate to us that you consent to the processing of your personal data for all the purposes listed below, whether by Dailymotion (acting independently or jointly with our affiliated companies) or by its partners. However, any other action taken on our site, such as closing this page, closing a 'Dailymotion' navigation tab or reading our information pages, will not be considered as your consent.

Privacy Preferences Module

Dailymotion is currently using the 'IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Framework Protocol' to collect and communicate to our partners users' consent choices. The names and definitions of the purposes and features listed below correspond to the standard IAB definitions used in the industry. For clarity's sake, and in order to help you better understand the meaning of these definitions and the actual use of personal data by Dailymotion, we have introduced some explanatory texts and real-life examples. When your consent is collected for one of our partners, it is this partner who uses your personal data and the explanatory text may not be as relevant.