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This film is a graphic look at the primitive behaviours, or "inhumanities", of those who inhabit the dark continent of Africa.

The film begins with one female nigger being sacrificed to the nigger heavens. Later on we view more bizarre rituals performed by cannibals, headhunters and witch doctors. One of these rituals consists of a woman having the top of her cranium removed during a primitive surgery, allowing her brains to glisten for the camera.

In another scene, we see a female nigger grinding a rhino's horn to dust as her unsightly bosoms swing from side to side, hideously.

Later on we see some other brown-skinned people engaged in their tribe's grotesque mating rituals. More inhumanities await for those willing to sit through the entirety of the film.

The film is also injected with various clips of animals and wildlife. This is done with the intention of demonstrating there is no difference between them and the niggers.

It's no wonder they behave the way they do when we welcome them to the Western world, with their astronomical rates of crime and rape of White women. You can take a nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of a nigger. One can try, but the fact remains, they will only be left feeling like Juden Peterstein, saying "I can't do it". For these people are simply inhuman.

Documentary by Peter Molloy.

This film documents the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of German civilians in former occupied territory immediately after World War 2.

It includes eyewitness accounts of individuals who experienced or witnessed the horrors unfold. The treatment included savage beatings, starvation and rape of women and children. Others were subjected to firing squads, hangings, and other methods of execution. Many had their corpses pissed on, danced on, or driven over by vehicles. Some women had needles shoved into their tits.

The only crime committed by the victims was that they spoke German.

The major fault of the film lies in the fact it claims the "Holocaust" actually happened.

Released almost a decade ago, War of the Flea covers an epidemic that had already existed in South Africa at the time for over fifteen years.

In 2011, there were 38,000 commercial farmers. Between then and 1991, more than 3,000 farmers had been murdered in more than 18,000 horrific attacks.

The film reveals the anti-Whitism espoused by a young Julius Malema before he was removed from the ANC Youth Wing for his rampant faggotry, and later created the EFF.

Find out how violent niggers break into the homes of White farmers to commit such acts as blowing an old lady's face off, hacking a two year old with a machete or dragging a man's body from behind a moving car.

The film also speaks to Ernst Roets from AfriForum and an individual from Genocide Watch, who give their opinions on the plight of the Boer people and the situation they are still facing ten years later.

It only takes ten minutes for the creators of this short film to roast and expose the fraudulent nigger Marxist Lucifer Koon.

This short documentary consists of ten concise points on why MLK is a compulsive liar, a communist, a plagiarist and a degenerate phony known for hiring and beating hookers.

Point nine shares striking parralels with the ongoings of today: niggers raised hell while MLK hid behind the phony veil of "peaceful protests".

Most importantly, the film makers touch on how MLK not only had an insatiable lust for White pussy, but an even stronger appetite for stuffing Jewish cocks in his mouth. He most likely engaged in numerous other forms of wanton faggotry.

Documentary by The Fifth Estate.

This program covers the radical, utlra-orthodox, Jewish cult called Lev Tahor, who's members spread from Israel to parts of Canada, the US, Guatemala and Mexico.

One night, about 200 of these perverse kikes fled their homes in Quebec to start a new community in Chatham, Ontario, amid allegations by Quebec courts of child abuse, neglect, beatings and underage marriages.

The footage shows the Jews expose themselves to the cameras multiple times as they spout lies or tell other members to hide the computers once the cops show up. In one scene, a female Jew attempts to fake homeschool the kids and mistakes Ottawa for being the capital of Ontario.

Their twisted leader, Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, answers a number of tense questions by the team at Fifth Estate about his nefarious behavior and dealings with children. Thankfully, he was reported to have drowned back in 2017.

In 2014, in an attempt to not have their pedophile perversions stifled, these cocksuckers fled Canada for a small village in Guatemala. In no time at all, the beaners there wanted them gone too.

The native Guatemalans of the village, claiming Lev Tahor was attempting to impose their religion on them, forced some 230 kikes to hop on a bus and fuck off. Some were new arrivals from Canada; some had been in the Guatemala village for 6 years.

In reality, it is a little harsh to kick all 230 out like that. It doesn't seem fair for all 2,300 of them to have to pack up their stuff and leave. Where do they expect all 230,000 of these Jews to go?

This is a rare documentary from 2004 by Honest Media Today. It uses highly graphic and disturbing photographs and footage to reveal the true extent of Zionist War crimes, and documents the tens of thousands of Palestians who have been decapitated, slaughtered, or displaced at the hands of murderous kikes.

It also covers other Jewish-perpetrated atrocities like the Deir Yassin massacre, the Lavon Affair, the King David hotel bombing, the USS Liberty attack and the brutal crimes of kike Baruch Goldstein.

Near the end of the film, you will also learn how some Jewish terrorists go as far as kidnapping non-Jewish children, murdering them and harvesting their organs.

This video is a historical documentary primarily based on the work of major Jewish historians who boasted of their peoples' leading role in the slave trade before it became a serious public relations liability.

One of the most well-done films exposing the Jew in existence. Many will recognize certain segments from The Greatest Story Never Told.

The documentary explores the Zionist crimes of Israel. Christian host Ted Pike gives insight on the evils of Judaism and the Talmud and unmasks the Jewish hatred for Christian gentiles.

It also tells the Jewish history in Russia and exposes the Jewish secret behind communism and the "Russian" revolution.

It then explains the history of the Jews in America and how they're not only disproportionately involved in the media and politics, but the push for anti-White ideologies such as faggotry, feminism and adultery.

While Europe was busily engaged in internal strife in the early 17th century, bands of seasoned pirates and soldiers from North Africa launched their ships and set sail northwards under an Islamic flag.

Sailing past the coasts of Western Europe, they headed for the Atlantic islands of Ireland, the Faeroe Islands and Iceland. Attacking and pillaging unsuspecting White communities, the raiders made off with anything of value, as well as taking White prisoners whom they sold into slavery and demanded ransom for their release.

Many of the prisoners were converted to Islam, but a fair number would in time regain their freedom and manage with great hardship to find their way back to their homelands. Atlantic Jihad recounts the history of these marauders and the impact upon their victims.

Documentary by Channel Nine.

These dirty Japanese gooks cannot control their insatiable appetite for beautiful, White, Western women, mainly from Australia. Some even hunt them down and eat them.

Every year, thousands of White girls head for Tokyo, where they're easy prey for rich Japanese men. Killers like cannibal Issei Sagawa or Joji Obara target mainly White foreigners.

Documentary by Honest Media Today.

Why can't we live with niggers or other non-Whites? This documentary explains why.

This film teaches the factual, politically incorrect history of America and its founding fathers and explains why multiculturalism is and always has been a disaster. To demonstrate why Whites can't co-exist with niggers or other subhumans, it also dives into the history of Haiti, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mexico and more.

This 2006 documentary by Mark Farrel and Honest Media Today explains the length Jewish terrorists, or the "Thought Police" will go in an attempt to stifle the free speech of "Holocaust" truthers.

These tactics include acid attacks, car bombings, maiming loved ones, breaking legs and even murder.

Mark also explains how so much of the official narrative of the Holocaust is bogus and why the Jews want so badly to silence anyone challenging this fact.

Documentary by Yorgos Avgeropoulos.

Under the brutal rule of Robert Mugabe, countless White families had their farmland violently seized mostly between the period of 2000-2001. Many Whites were brutally tortured, raped and murdered by violent niggers, something Mugabe ultimately refused to charge any of the perpetrators for.

Under White rule, Rhodesia was a safe, prosperous breadbasket of Africa. After the Whites were murdered and driven out, the failed nation of Zimbabwe was left a dangerous, crime-ridden, economic disaster with many of its citizens forced to eat rats to prevent from starving.

This is a brilliant mondo shockumentary filmed by Tsurisaki Kiyotaka, a Japanese film maker and photographer of dead bodies.

The film contains no dialogue and is set to a 2005 album by Japanese doom metal band Corrupted for it's entirety.

The film consists almost entirely of footage from non-White, third-world nations. The majority of it showcases the squalor and decrepit living conditions these people live in.

In other scenes you will find dead brown people, Pakis poking needles through their face and cutting their tongues, and Palestinian protesters. In one scene, a certain non-White group can be seen engaging in what appears to be a Satanic, sex ritual. Note the frizzy hair and Star of David next to the Baphomet in this segment.

Documentary by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Daniel Junge.

Saving Face is a 2012 film about Paki women being grotesquely and permanently disfigured by dirty Paki men, usually their husbands. Yet another glimpse into the brutal nature of the non-White animal.

In some cases, the women claim to be victims for not accepting the man's advances, while in at least one instance, the man claims the woman deserved it simply for having too many cocks stuffed inside her.

The film won an Emmy Award and the 2012 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject, making its director, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Pakistan's first Oscar winner. The film was inspired from the life of acid victim Fakhra Younus, who committed suicide in 2012.

A Paki doctor travels to his homeland to fix their unsightly faces.

It's also no surprise that acid attacks in the UK are at an all-time high with so many Pakis flooding in.

Documentary by Anne Bohlen, Kevin Rafferty and James Ridgeway.

Blood in the Face is a 1991 documentary film about so-called "White supremacy groups" in North America. It features many interviews with various leaders, and archival footage of others, including George Lincoln Rockwell, Allen Poe, Bob Miles, Glenn Miller, Don Black, David Duke and more.

For what is essentially a hit-piece, the film is surprisingly good at letting the featured individuals speak for themselves without the film putting it's own anti-White spin on it. It's also the first-ever interview gig of fat slob Michael Moore.

Documentary by Elrich Yssel, with Katlego Chale.

Tainted Heroes explains how the ANC niggers successfully implemented a predetermined programme of violence, fear and propaganda to eliminate political rivals and establish itself as the sole representative of nigger aspirations in South Africa. It illuminates how the ANC’s armed struggle was more a struggle against black rival organisations than against the apartheid system.

The documentary tells the story of how the African National Congress (ANC) – once a marginalised organisation within the South African political landscape – rose to power in the aftermath of the Soweto Uprisings in 1976.

Furthermore, the film deals with the organisation’s military training received in various African countries as well as the lesser known story of how the ANC underwent strategic training in Vietnam to implement a so-called people’s war strategy against its rival organisations. This was especially implemented against the organisation’s former ally, Inkatha, led by Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

Fidel Castro sends the Mariel Boatload of mixed race Spics and even some niggers from communist Cuba to the shores of Miami. When they arrive, they raise hell and rape, rob and murder Whites.

Documentary by Bradley Smith and "shadow-directed" by David Cole/ Stein.

This short film by Bradley Smith and David Cole was a participant in the Baja California, Mexico film festival. It is an examination of the attempts by governments around the world to make Holocaust revisionism a crime by law, and features various well-known revisionists such as Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Bradley Smith and more.

Documentary by Clover Films.

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan explores a practice called 'Bacha Bazi' which is rampant among Afghanistan's overwhelmingly faggot population. It consists of underage boys being forced to dress up like queers in front of them to get their dicks hard. The kids who resist are often beaten and killed.

The police are also pedos and refuse to stop it. The majority of the rest of the population are also faggots and do nothing to help the children.

The film is an expose on how much the Taliban is required to restore law and order in the area and wipe these disgusting creatures off the face of the Earth.

Louis Theroux goes to Harlem in New York to meet various anti-White black nationalists. He meets dirty nigger Reverend Al Sharpton, the main point of contact in the black nationalist movement.

Theroux also meets the now–thank God–dead nigger and extremely radical Khalid Abdul Muhammad, dubbed by the media 'the most dangerous man in America'. He also visits the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge, who believe that niggers are the true kikes and that all English monarchs until early modern times were niggers.

Theroux also joins nigger Al Sharpton on a march on Wall Street to protest at the shooting by New York police of Amadou Diallo, who was shot at 41 times and killed.

Correspondent Hodding Carter investigates the life and political career of presidential candidate David Duke in this 1992 PBS hit-piece. It explores Duke’s alleged troubled childhood, his intellectual journey into "the extremist ideology of the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan", and the effort to reshape his image so he could run as a national fugure in the Republican party.

Back in 2016, White nationalist John De Nugent offered $150 for information on Jared Taylor's wife, specifically in the form of this documentary. The woman Evelyn Rich, who you see in this film criticizing Duke, is Jared Taylor's wife. Given Jared's notorious reputation for avoiding speaking on the Jewish question, John stated "I've been wondering about his daughters lately..."

Concerned and in a fit of rage, Evelyn wrote a lengthy letter to the SPLC, asking for it to be published, stating "My daughters are off limits!" She then went on to say in the letter that she is not Jewish by race or religion.

In 2006, Duke attended Taylor's American Renaissance conference, apparently "uninvited". After a speech on race realism by Phillipe Rushton, David Duke got in line for a question regarding how Europeans excel in certain areas that East Asians don't despite Whites having a lower average IQ by around 4 points. During the question, he referenced portions of a book called Why Race Matters by Michael Levin, stating the answer to his question may be due to Whites having higher testosterone levels. Levin is a Jew who was also attending the event. "I didn't say that!" objected Jew Levin, annoyed with Duke's take on his work.

"I'm actually surprised Dr. Levin disagrees" said Rushton, who concurred with Duke. "Or maybe it's just the person asking the question he disagrees with."

The next year, Duke attended AmRen again and an incident occurred that would later be dubbed the infamous "AmRen Jewish enemy incident". He approached the mic again for a question after a speech by French Nationalist Guilamme Faye. Before getting to the heart of his question, in typical Duke fashion, he went on a lengthy tangent naming the Jew. Of course, he did it subliminally using dogwhistles, knowing Jared Taylor does not permit this kind of speech at his events.

A selection of the crowd in attendance that day were supporters of long-time Duke friend Don Black's StormFront, the world's biggest White nationalist online forum, which is highly critical of Jews. Sensing Duke was onto something, one StormFront attendee called out "Tell us!"

"No, no, that's not this convention" chuckled David Duke to uproarious laughter.

Then, without warning, a Jewish astrophysicist named Michael Hart who was also in attendance, stood up and screamed "You're a fucking Nazi and you've disgraced this meeting!"

Appearing perplexed and taken aback, David Duke responded that he was trying to be as polite as possible. Jew Hart stormed from his seat, passing Duke at the mic and screamed once again in his face, "You're a fucking Nazi and you've disgraced this meeting!" while heading for the exit.

"Lousy Jew", someone called out as Hart left the venue.

"Do you have a question Mr. Duke?", pressed Jared.

Duke proceeded with his question and Jared finished the meeting as amicable and professional as possible. He would afterwards contact Duke and explain that he was too controversial a figure and was no longer welcome at any future AmRen gatherings. He also published an article apologizing to the Jewish friends of American Renaissance.

Amazon is the world's biggest book retailer. They rake in some 50% of all consumer spending on books in the U.S., and dominate several foreign markets as well. Pursuant to the 1998 declaration of Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos to offer “the good, the bad and the ugly,” customers once could buy every book that was in print and was legal to sell.

That changed on March 6, 2017, when Amazon banned more than 100 books with dissenting viewpoints on the Holocaust, after having been pressured by Jewish lobby groups for years to do so. While Amazon ignored those lobby groups in years gone by, things were different in early 2017. At that time, a series of anonymous bomb threats were made against synagogues and Jewish community centers in the U.S., and three Jewish cemeteries were vandalized, or so we were told.

Although there is no link between iconoclastic historical research and anti-Jewish acts, Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Center took these acts as a pretext in order to urge Amazon to take down history books they don't like. The mass media were quick to join into this campaign, and Amazon promptly fell for it, wiping its sites clean of any revisionist research on the Holocaust.

The Betrayed Girls explores the child abuse revelations in Rochdale and other towns, perpetrated by inbred, Paki perverts.

It features the harrowing testimony of the White victims of grooming, rape and molestation at the hands of these Muslim cocksuckers and the shocking truth from those who spoke out. This film reveals how it wasn't just the traitorous professionals whose job it was to protect the girls who ignored their plight, but others did as well.

And many of Britain's Pakistani population really are inbreds. An overwhelming number have all types of fucked up mutations and shit from fucking their own first cousins. That's why they're ugly as fuck. Dispatches did a documentary on it called When Cousins Marry. You can find it here:

In 1983, Sabina Citron, a kike and so-called "Holocaust survivor" and founder of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, filed a private complaint against Zündel before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. In 1984, the Ontario government joined the criminal proceedings against Zündel based on Citron's complaint. Zündel was charged under the Criminal Code, section 181, of spreading false news by publishing Did Six Million Really Die? The Truth At Last.

The charge against Zündel alleged that he "did publish a statement or tale, namely, Did Six Million Really Die? that he knows is false and that is likely to cause mischief to the public interest in social and racial tolerance, contrary to the Criminal Code". After a much publicized trial in 1985, Zündel was found guilty. One of the prosecution witnesses, liar and Auschwitz "survivor" Arnold Friedman, a Holocaust educator in Toronto, testified that "prisoners marched off to the ovens never returned" to which Zundel's lawyer, Doug Christie, replied "if those who disappeared might not have been led out a nearby gate".


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