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  1. I beg to differ,try getting into the likes of congo or gabon without a yellow fever jab and certificate...i speak from experience
  2. Just like to add i don't subscribe to the flat earth theory nor do i subscribe to the globe theory...however i do find it interesting to hear different opinions and watch some decently produced video espousing both sides of the argument I prefer the Terry Pratchett theory of a discworld that is not quite flat !
  3. Looking at it from a comms point of view it makes perfect sense,these networks (rail and motorways) stretch the length and breadth of the country and every one has 'nodes' (junctions or stations) where the 5g could be diverted to smaller communities/towns and then propagated further afield Something to keep an eye on for sure
  4. That coincides with something i noticed over the last 2 years as i started travelling by train again,Normally the railway companies trim growth back from the trackside every year if there is a potential for it to become hazardous to passing trains but this was something different,They have gone full chainsaw frenzy and gone far back from what would have normally been done. I did think at the time this is being cleared for 'line of sight comms' along established corridors I fully expect to see some development in this area shortly
  5. Only a doctor can declare someone dead and as for body parts etc,thats the whole point there has been 1 photograph released of the aftermath..cameraphones wern't exactly rare at that point.Did you actually watch the 3 parts ? Perhaps get in touch with Richard D Hall and correct him ?
  6. The panic a dirty bomb would cause would be enough to cripple everything within the M25 circle....50 smoke detectors and a bit of 'oomph' under them voila measurable radioactivity above background..mass panic ensues...stock market sharts itself ...mass exodus from close environment to epicentre and cabinet evacuted to a secure bunker somewhere with much hand wringing and lessons learned from our erstwhile government Or a scenario which is far more likely ...They would just lie and say ''nothing to see here move along'' Would all depend who planted it in the first place
  7. I'm aware that picture of the crisis Doris is from when the first jabs were introduced but it was quickly spotted she had been moonlighting elsewhere.Wonder where her career has taken her now ? The codger who was touted as first to receive the jab at the same time cowked it some time ago (Arf! shouldn't laugh) .In the last two years those crisis agencies must have had a field day providing staff
  8. I asked my mother and i was jabbed when i was very small due to my Uncle having TB at the time and i still have a scar from that jab along with the skin prick scars hence me not getting it again when i started secondary school .so there you go another 'innoculation' amongst the myriad of others i've had over the years due to working in some of the 'choicer' places in the world,However,theres no way on this green earth im going anywhere near the poison being 'offered' now . Oddly enough it was only a few months ago that i was sorting through paperwork and i found my vaccines record card,my old yellow fever certificate and other essential items i used to carry with my passport when i was traveling to far flung places,it was a simple double fold card with name of jab,date given,place given and date and signature of person adminstering it and that was all that was required Oh how they would love to incorporate all that into the 'vax pass' on a fuckin smartphone ! Glad i don't travel anymore !
  9. I applaud your Dads stance,Sounds like he had his finger on the pulse and was enlightened long before many others and i love the census answers.'They' ie the system have amongst other things my fingerprints,my dna,my iris scans my blood group,a complete work history,a record of every address i have lived at etc etc .'They' should have no need to be asking me any effin questions whatsoever no matter how much they threaten me i've completly opted out of playing 'their' games now. I'm fully aware 'they' will do their utmost ultimately to get me back in the system so they can continue to milk me dry....the cows dry my friends ...'They' can f*** off and keep F*****ng off and then F*** off some more i aint playing !
  10. Glastonbury???....Bring back the Peace convoy and the days of the Stonehenge festival ,the Elephant fayre etc All stopped via government decree as their level of control was minimal or non existent I despise Glastonbury and everyone who sails in her
  11. Holding pattern for mid air refuelling practice ?...Bit shallow for subs out there....I'v been 40 miles out in that area and at low tide you'd see sand banks emerge,so much so we carried a tracked vehicle (like an argocat but with tracks instead of wheels )on the ship i was on and back on topic Ukraine
  12. I'm pretty sure it was TB (1974/75 ish),we got a circular disc like thing with six points they clicked on your inner forearm and a certain reaction indicated if you were to get the jab or not (i can still just about pick out the circular ring of scars on my arm ) I was exempt because my uncle had TB when i was a kid so i'd become naturally immune or they jabbed me when i was really small, unsure on that one Nice to know TB is making a comeback particularly amongst our diverse population from sub saharan africa and the indian sub coninent
  13. Czech republic has one of the biggst arms industries in Europe and some of the most 'Americanised' gun laws...How in the name of goodness they are running out of ammo is more media horseshit.Not to mention the ex soviet stocks they still held More to this than meets the eye/s
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