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  1. Pretty pointless addding on £900 to a £600,000 bill, but justice has been served. Little Tommy better start lookng down the back of his sofa. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11069169/Tommy-Robinson-fined-900-contempt-court-not-attending-hearing-unpaid-legal-costs.html 'Tommy Robinson is fined £900 for contempt of court for failing to turn up to hearing about his finances over unpaid legal costs as he faces £600,000 bill for losing libel case brought by Syrian schoolboy.' The Daily Masonical is not currently accepting comments on this article.
  2. I will 100% buy four or five copies of his book and gift them to some folks I know. Might Gareth and David also possibly 'consider' giving this guy a special mention? I think he does some very important work and I 'assume' that Gareth and David would also think so. No harm in asking. Finally, I would say that all good coppers out there should be getting right behind this guy as well. And I am not talking about puttting him on the floor and getting the cuffs on.
  3. And the same rule of thumb applies to the millions of unvaccinated folks. There are too many of us for them to go after in a concerted fashion. I always thought Mayall was murdered too. Maybe it was for multiple reasons though, as in he was also exposing some of the Establishment paedo stuff. https://gmmuk.com/rik-mayall-the-911-connection/ https://gmmuk.com/the-coleman-experience-the-british-establishment-is-controlled-by-israels-mossad/ This is why they had to get rid of BoJo. The same logic 'probably' applies to the assassination of Shinzo Abe and the revolution in Sri Lanka. However, I don't think that the people will stand for it though, even if they try to switch the bogeyman from Covid to monkeypox or something else. Yes, but things are very different this year, in the U.K. at least. They haven't managed to keep 'Covid' going at all really. This will make it that much harder for them to bring it back in the autumn. If this happens, then it will probably be connected to handing over sovereignty to the U.N..
  4. Loads of them have been crawling out of the woodwork, in relation to the BBC News department, in the past few years. Serious ghouls. A mysterious heart condition that has only recently gotten attention and only seems to affect the vaccinated. I still can't believe that they are trying to tell some vaccine damaged folks that they must have 'Long Covid', when they never had any 'Covid' symptoms to begin with, let alone got ill. Doc - 'You must have had asymptomatic 'Covid' in the past Mr. Muppet. Forget logic, it is now going to kill you some 2 years later. It's just a big coincidence that you got your third booster jab only last week.' Mr. Muppet - 'Yes, Doc.' Everyone should have their own line in the sand. It is not for anyone else to say what that should be. However, I think it is fair to say that virtually everyone on this forum wouldn't accept the 'offer' of a 'Covid' vaccine, under any circumstances. I would rather inject myself with smack. No one capable of basic thought would take the knee. The following story heartened me a bit. It's just like Le Tissier said how it happened to him, in relation to BLM I think it was, when he turned up for work one evening. These guys showed up at their ground one day and someone said 'You WILL wear these jerseys'. No consultation whatsoever. Good on them for sticking two fingers up. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-62301091 'Historic pride jersey sparks player boycott in Australia.'
  5. This is what I also truly believe. Things would be so much better, without these freaks. I don't know, but I suspect that at least some of them reckon 'we need them'. Yeah, like a hole in the head. In recent years, I have come to understand the contempt that the PTB hold for the sheeple. However, the PTB play a constant role in stopping the sheeple becoming unsheeple. This is how they want it. So, is it thus not very wrong, for the PTB to hold such contempt for the sheeple? I think so. As Aaron Russo said, 'I never tell people not to pay. They can hurt you.'. I think it is very important for folks to educate themselves on Common Law and Freeman Of The Land stuff. It is very healthy to do so. However, like you point out, at the same time, folks shouldn't kid themselves in to thinking it will always work. They should always prepare themselves for the 'unfair' outcome, if they insist on going down that road. For sure, plus, as with the 'Selfie' craze, they can be designed with gathering intelligence in mind. When the first lockdown got under way, the reason they were so hard on folks even going out on their own in the countryside for any length of time, was because they wanted everyone permanently close to their TV's. And these very same schmucks would have been cheerleading our journey all the way to the gulags, if the situation hadn't taken a different trajectory, at the end of last year. Now, miraculously, they are starting to say some of the very same things that we were saying 2 years ago, when they were busy branding us as 'Covidiots'. Ha ha ha.
  6. From memory, there were offerings of free blowjobs for vaccination in Switzerland too. I hope those who indulged still think it was worth it. Right before we first went in to lockfown, in March 2020, I raised the issue of how no one had done much to address the scandal of tens of thousands of elderly folks dying from fuel poverty in previous cold winters. All of a sudden, when 'Covid' hit our shores, the lives of these elderly folks really counted. Julia is now on the case! I also noticed the masonic mass media making some feeble efforts at addressing Covid contract fraud today. Follow the money you deceitful clowns. Where is the money now and what did we get for it? Hmm... Did he not realise this 2 years ago? Plenty of folks on this thread were regularly taking Vine to task, for bullshitting excessively. The PTB can't ever blame themselves for their own failures, can they. It always has to be someone else's fault. 'Ah, it's those pesky posters on the DIF! Ah, it's those stupid Daily Mail commenters! Ah, it's those troublesome Youtubers! Never us! Get them!' I missed this one. If they dropped any snippets of truth, then it must have been for their own reasons.
  7. Seems like an anti-Chinese psyop to me. I mean, like what's the angle here? They couldn't find any dumb, 'non-Chinese' Americans to man this vaccine centre? Hopefully, but they will likely forget. The tree of liberty. Sad, but true. The PTB are self-imploding in my opinion. Rioting is just the sort of thing that they would want to happen right now. Stand firm and force their hand. Make them act like tyrants in public. The veil of consciousness. In one of the 'Hostel' movies, a guy is being pulled down a dungeon corridor on a trolley. Most of the doors to the rooms either side of the corridor are open. He sees a load of freaks engaged in various acts of torture, as if they are getting rid of all their pent up frustration. I am not suggesting that this all goes down in real life, 'exactly' as it did in this movie (anyone could pay), but I have no doubt that some of the upper echelons of the PTB do need to unwind in that manner. All of that control freakery is very unhealthy. Interestingly, Dutroux was known to have connections in Slovakia (movie location), he was filmed raping some children there and he was arrested in possession of Slovakian currency (pre-Euro days). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Dutroux#Failure_to_properly_investigate_leads_to_Slovakia_and_Czech_Republic
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-61269586 'Likely cause of mystery child hepatitis outbreak found.'
  9. Everyone has their own way of figuring things out. For example, with the McCann case, it might be Kate going 'No comment' in a police interview or Gerry securing all of that extra help from the U.K. government or the masonic mass media letting the Tapas 7 do a Houdini act etc.. Something clicks in someone's head and they say 'No way!'. With Donald Trump, I find it very hard to fathom how anyone can't think about just one of his actions, then feel like they have been bashed on the head with a sledgehammer. No anti-PTB person would have ordered all of those executions, when in their last days in office. It was an act of 'Divide And Conquer', stoking up the pro and anti death penalty factions, plain and simple. We are seeing the same thing now, with Biden and the issue of legalised abortion. And don't the PTB just love it, when the Common Man are always fighting each other. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55236260 'In Trump’s final days, a rush of federal executions.'
  10. She says that she will 'tell her story' in due course. Who knows what 'it' might be. Something to keep an eye on at least.
  11. I have a background in athletics and I was looking forward to watching him run. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/62281413 'World Athletics Championships: Max Burgin's withdrawal caused by thrombosis.' 'I pulled out of the 800m at the World Champs with what we initially thought to be a calf strain. It has turned out to be a deep vein thrombosis in the right calf, an issue completely unrelated to running or training of any other kind.' 'A DVT is a blood clot that develops, usually in the legs, which can lead to more serious health issues if it breaks away and travels to other parts of the body.'
  12. The crux of my issue is old hardware limiting the use of new OS's, which in turn limits the use of newer browser releases, which in turn, slowly but surely, limits what you can access online, which I am sure you must know. Things had gotten quite bad already and I knew it wouldn't be too much longer, before I had to ditch my old pc for web browsing. I just wasn't expecting this forum to provide the coup de grace, as I do use this forum reasonably frequently and it would be too inconvenient for me to browse it solely on another device. Actually, I am still not entirely sure if it was a forum software update that stopped me accesssing this forum on my old pc, but I presume it was.
  13. Well, nothing had changed, as of yesterday, and I am now set up to do things differently. I will keep checking back on the old pc though, as i did prefer to use it when browsing this forum.
  14. Thank you both for the replies. On the old pc, the situation has changed again. I now can't even see the word 'Quote', underneath a post someone has made. It's not a major problem for me though. I just wondered whether it was something to do with a forum software change or not. If it was something to do with a forum software change, then please tell admin not to expend much effort in to trying to fix my problem for me, as it is possibly only affecting me. Not that many users on this forum nowadays, sadly, and not much chance of any of them running nigh on 20 years old hardware, as I am. I will just do things differently.
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