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  1. Ah like Cliff Richard (lol), I get you.
  2. I'm sorry to have to report the devastating news that this old cunt has tested posted for Convid (allegedly). Qld Governor tests positive for Covid-19 Queensland’s Governor and former chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young has tested positive for Covid-19.
  3. So is that a woman or man with tits on display? Surely an asexual wouldn't prominently display clearly feminine anatomy.
  4. During the first UK lockdown, my mate didn't give a fuck and drove around at night all over the country, the one thing he commented on was the number of dead birds everywhere. I think the first lockdown was used as an excuse to install and test all the 5g towers and systems, subsequent illnesses then followed.
  5. They did the same in Canberra, cunts literally trying to kill their populace.
  6. The last vote was rigged as fuck. This time though the prize is being sought by the EU. The same with Ireland, I'd love a United Ireland, but I also realise that the EU would absorb it, and it would be no more free than it has been under British dominion. They are using nationalistic urges to further the demise of soverign nations.
  7. Is that like a poundland Courtney Love?
  8. Interesting, an easy way to gather intel I suspect, use the poor lackeys in the NHS. One things for sure, there will undoubtedly be another lockdown this year. The rumour here in the prison continent, is the end of August.
  9. The MSM has beautifully employed divide and conquer, torn apart families, frienships and society in general. freedom of speech which was always a myth anyway, is well and truly gone.
  10. Curcumin apparently counteracts arsenic poisoning, you can buy pills online, but obviously get organic ones. I take a tab a day man, alongside NAC.
  11. Suspect she is already living on an island. No jail time, no client list, no justice.
  12. Jabbed??? https://www.cnbc.com/2022/06/23/swimmer-anita-alvarez-loses-consciousness-in-pool-at-world-championships.html Key Points American artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez was saved from drowning by her coach Andrea Fuentes at the world championships in Budapest. Spaniard Fuentes, a four-time Olympic medalist in synchronized swimming, jumped into the pool after she saw Alvarez sink to the bottom at the end of her solo free final routine. She was given medical attention beside the pool before being taken away on a stretcher.
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