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  1. i think i have a meme for this...
  2. but what if the universe is just contracting in and out and not expanding forever like they think but the human being hasn't been around long enough or have been around long enough to record the cycle. just like the solstice cycles and the presession of the sun. *hits joint*
  3. its just a way for them to phase out the old so people have to buy the new everything... imo
  4. that would be a interesting read.
  5. I'm also finishing up perceptions of a renegade now lol. I figured I got a few months until release.
  6. What if 6g is a success and they use holograms in the sky to make like the 2nd coming of Jesus was happening to manipulate the masses to the final extent? Hovering over the Vatican or somewhere in Israel as if it was a holy place lol. though you’d think that would be the ultimate lie. but little did you know, the ultimate lie has already been told.
  7. We cannot understand the world with just the brain. I hope all is well with everyone.


    1. DaleP


      That's right. If you want to get more whole-listic view of the world, then we need to use not just the quantitive (left brain - logic) info but also qualitative (right brain - feeling etc) information to gauge any given situation.


      Men and women may be both human but we are built differently and that goes for which side of the brain we places emphasis on. Hence we think differently and end up arguing with different pov....point of attention as David calls it.



    2. Skotfreezy


      This is great! Thanks for the vid. 

      well right now I just got done watching Robert kiyosaki talk about the reptilian portion of your brain and how the amygdala works with reaction and how you perceive traumatic life events. pretty cool.  

      but, how would greed be associated with the reptilian side?


      if the reptilian side can respond to thoughts as if they are really happening you can understand why in “real” situations how powerful those glands really are. 

  8. Always coming with the facts.. love it… I wonder what “ah lee thee ah” means and why he laughed. I’m l not sure how to spell athetha alithiah ???? Yeah this is definitely fishy.. and use a celebrity to do it because he’s “from” there…..
  9. I know it’s no-neck big Ed… he fucked up with the girl from the Philippines.. she is actually doing better than him lol. This was a joke btw. Have a great day. Hope you had a good laugh.
  10. What is the price of gas where you are at? 

    $4.79 at my location.  I will check this post in a few months to see the difference. 


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    2. no kidding

      no kidding

      Please can our US correspondents not come on the forum complaining about petrol, or gas, or whatever the hell y'all call it. Here in the the UK, where salaries are much lower than they are in  the US, currently a US gallon of fuel @ 3.785 liters to the US gallon, costs $6.45 per US gallon. Oh, and by the way, since oil throughout the world is calculated inUS$, it constantly fluctuates for the rest of us, but not for y'all, which allows the retailers here in Europe to make an even greater profit. 

      The US, as everyone knows, has had cheap fuel for many, many, years. Welcome to the real world! Perhaps it will reduce the spending power of people and less guns will be bought and less people shot - or am I draming...?


    3. Beaujangles


      @no kidding Not sure how you get that salaries are lower there than in Canada or USA. I can tell you many people live off of around 9 pounds per hour equivalent. Canada is at $14/$15 minimum wage which is pretty much the same as UK. USA is between $7.25 - $12 US dollars which is less than UK on the lower end and same on high end. 


      I spend a lot of time in the UK and I know that much is less than here and some is more.


      The USA gets slightly cheaper fuel than Canada. 


      As a British born person myself...who used to dislike the USA's right to bear arms 2nd Amendment - I can now say as a Britiish/Canadian that I have changed my mind and I support the US 2nd Amendment. When you see what is happening in the world currently... we should all be able to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. The only restrictions should be that we are all educated in gun safety and fully compos mentis. My opinion, yes. But in light of the agendas at play currently I'd say to you "be careful what you wish for" 

    4. Skotfreezy


      @no kidding I wasn’t complaining actually I wanted to see what the different prices around the world are from real sources besides what “they” tell you. 


  11. Contra is still my fav for nintendo Chakan: The forever man for Sega Zelda for snes.. the emulators are great!
  12. Ok so update on the game: I uninstalled it.
  13. that’s insane lol. I read the article too. For an army that is sooooo powerful it’s pretty shitty they have to loot. thanks @DaleP
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