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  1. I remember it was quite popular back in 2009 and it does seem to have made a revival. As maccy says ukcolumn have a level headed view and it is certainly is interesting to learn about. Applying it is a different thing altogether. Mark windows also brings some sensible talks on it and has a great satire 'common law malcolm'. I was on some telegram group and a workshop middle aged man hosting it talking about common law and you had all the youngsters enthralled by it. Speaking of telegram I deleted that because the group's I was in people were too depressing very autistic type, humourless. Life's too short. Don't end up like this tosspot....
  2. And all the stupid people sang "don't look back in anger" And all the morons sang "Don't look back in anger" 'i can assure you that I will look back in anger, until the day I die'
  3. Yeah I wished I would have watched whole thing tuned in after Germany goal. @Anti Facts Sir I feel the same as you mate can't stand all the woke nonsense but I do like seeing the ladies getting into football, can't say it these days without sounding like a virtue signaller but it's genuinely nice to see opportunities for the women. Of course Alex Scott in the commentary had to make it all about her. It was actually nice to see and the manager we have is she Dutch? Seems like a down to earth women. The lady (forgot her name) who took her shirt off and scored seems like a character as well. And then they were all dancing yeah man I liked that seem like a nice bunch and congratulations. See that's the ironic thing I am no longer going to watch the mens football but I might actually tune in to the ladies now and then, that's coming from someone who hates feminism and the agendas. They wills of course try and make an agenda out of it as they always do. If it's kept as a separate sport it will be good but if they try in say 20 years time to mix it which I fear could be a thing then yeah no. Nope I enjoyed it tonight and then lifting trophy genuinely happy for them as well. I genuinely forgot it was on as I have been keeping our of touch of the general zeitgeist of everything mainstream last month or so.
  4. That's a shame because he was a stud back in the day.
  5. I am Alex jones is a legend
  6. To be fair I think that gets blown up in these sort of circles. Any serious occult influence on these sort of bands would come from the record label. Jimmy is probably a freemason and he indeed had a deep interest in the occult but I wouldn't call them Satanists. If you look at the early post modern type scene with Kenneth angers "Lucifer rising" it's true lots of actors and musicians were and still are influenced by Crowley.
  7. I kind of agree a lot of it is childish nonsense especially lot of them making signs and stuff can signify they are part of the club but people take it a bit far when they automatically label them a satanic peado etc. Not bashing anyone as very interested. I do believe these ceremonies are a bit weird though. I remember watching the London Olympics ceremony and that was creepy and I even remarked while watching it live this is some kind of ritual. Haven't seen this yet mind as I have been busy. Good topic will catch up tomorrow.
  8. Did you guys ever watch to catch a Predator? I forgot about this show
  9. Anyone seen this? I saw an old interview of Johnny rotten and interviewer promoted this film. I actually thought it was a really good film.
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