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  1. Was a busy day then. I reckon this can only happen in England.....hence the comedy such as Only Fools & Horses or Life of Brian were born.
  2. Simon, I was waiting for the punch line.... Is this account still live? I don't know who the fuck this muppet is....
  3. ah....many people got fully boosted so that they could go on a holidaaay.
  4. I've noticed many trees have been cut down for no reason as well. Trees are 5G's enemy but they are our saviour. Trees absorb harmful energy emitted by 5G and other micro/radiowaves.
  5. Christ! Frank, the music is rather dramatic....
  6. Could be HAARP or CERN? Even though it's located in Switzerland, you don't know how it is triggering Earth magnetic grid etc.... Poor birds.
  7. There was spare left (60K) to book for an appointment for blood cleansing.
  8. God job. I must say, there is no short cut in this other than working it out for yourself. Others can point in the right direction but the 'work' needs to be done by yourself to get it. As for fear.... I'm not saying jump off from a cliff when you've never done a diving or swimming (so within sensible reason) but when your will is strong enough, when you are so convinced that it is the right thing to do, then nobody can interfer or throw you off course by their negativity on things. Basically, force of your will is strong that you could literally walk through fire....metaphorically. This is living your truth in a sense. People can take a scenic route by leaving it till next life time OR like us, run as hard as we can now. I've basically dedicated my whole time, did not indulge in playing online games....not one bit!, to study and practise in the past 7 years and I've learned a lot. Although I am a neophyte compared to likes of Jesus but learned enough that people can't follow what I am saying....except you and few others.
  9. I'd imagine that this is a result of you working out your issues hence very little blocks AND keeping your vibration high that it just manifest. Good job man. That's also very true. Basically, do what you enjoy.
  10. Very good idea! I am surprised it lasted 2 weeks. When I write something on my body with sharpie, it lasts about 3-4 days due to washing etc Once it fades, it loses it so I have to re-write it again but hardly anything that needs to stay on for a long period of time. I think this is why tattoo could be questionable in this instance though it might work for other things. I'm glad you didn't rush off to tattoo it.
  11. Yes, the only saviour is pfizer jabs for these people.
  12. But the Catholics approves of it. You have gay priests etc... How does that work? If I were to say 'pathetic'... would I be called racist or anti-semetic???
  13. Right! I think it's about we started Truthers' Rights Initiative? Surely, we have rights???
  14. Not much interested in Hitler but this is about Nazi/Occult subject. Tag: Super soldiers, Pagan, tesseract
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