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  2. "He could lose an eye". Sounds a bit of a biblical symbolism thing. An eye for an eye.
  3. Shadow work...…. Ya know............. this exists in everything we do, or be, we be sometimes conscious of knowing it (or not of course/ subconscious but the for the learned, perhaps with "knowing" already a part of our established internal dialogue or makeup in the realm of personal development of which PERSONAL truth plays a key role).... For one thing it maybe like flitting or switching up our observances to maybe hope for different surprising and hopefully better outcomes in things..... It can be very Zen this way or just casual, whatever a person wants of it in their patterns of discovery and here I talk briefly about self-discovery >.......So, very basicly I find one of the best PERSONAL courses of action is to become your own expert, for readers of this, before we get shady over other people, (although if looking outward like that suits a person purpose, thats fine too.... but like anything it starts with self, (*but doesn't necessarily end with self*).... However because its a uncertain measure always to expect others will see the same value in our own shadow work as we ourselves do. We are always best starting with ourselves. To practice doing OUR OWN shadow work that way, (internally for some part) and if then we feel well enough in ourselves to see in others where shadow work is lurking in some form or another, then again that is a way to read between the lines also if we are happy to find truth outside of ourselves, when say needing a break from our own internal self dialogue.
  4. This was in the Spectator back in April. Why is Canada euthanising the poor? https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/why-is-canada-euthanising-the-poor-
  5. Have more what than I know, killer apps? I have a laptop that I put a Linux distro on, but I have hardly used it to be honest. I still use my Windows desktop most of the time for the Adobe software, and I have a massive Steam library. I should really just use Windows for normie stuff like gaming, Photoshop, and Blender, then use a Linux distro for browsing spicier content. I keep meaning to try a VM too.
  6. The Linux kernel was based on Minix, which greatly upset SCO who bought the rights to Unix and laid claim to Linux as a derivative, got to be one of the most costly fuk ups in history and just how aggressive a move was made to take control of the code by [D]ark[S]ide actors, threw a bit of Q in there
  7. Besides gaming and creative software, is there anything else keeping Windows alive? Most normies I know often use tablets these days unless they're hardcore gamers or creatives. At least with desktops and laptops it helps to be a bit tech savvy, but smart devices dumb people down and hold their hands way too much. I feel like smart phones have made people annoying and incoherent, to the point where having a conversation with some people is no longer pleasant. Their attention spans are terrible, they lose their train of thought too much like they struggle with complex mental work, and it's nearly impossible for them to not look at their phones every few minutes. I get that the slave class only needs to be coherent enough to perform simple tasks, but damn, people are so robotic. It's just a big empty sea of nothingness out there. It feels weird when the sun is shining and birds are chirping, then you have zombies walking around everywhere hooked on their digital cocaine, what a contrast. I know we joke about them being NPCs, but I know a lot of people that once had souls, and now they just tap on their phones and consume garbage. Sometimes I ask myself if they would even noticed if their heart suddenly stopped. All they have is their hivemind. Being disconnected from it is like death to them because they wouldn't know what their beliefs, preferences and thoughts are without confirmation from the rest of the hive.
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  9. Dirty Operating System, it was a gift to Gates to head up a new company, Microshit Through his mother if i recall.
  10. Most classified subject in existence. Got to control it by any means necessary.
  11. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/19502250/chippenham-chelmsford-abandoned-player-collapses-pablo-martinez/
  12. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/sperry-fbi-agents-involved-trump-raid-criminal-investigation-durham-abusing-power-trump-russia-probe/?utm_source=Gab&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons
  13. No takers on this vid Amy? I thought the usual MSM cool aid drinkers would've been all over it
  14. Microsoft was an unofficial offshoot of IBM, which had all sorts of government and military links, so the software was probably developed by the US military.
  15. Max Igan has spoken about the screen of smart phones and computers as being like a scrying mirror of sorts and David has spoken about AI as being like raising a demon so if we put these two together we can see the screen as the portal to the place where the AI demon resides If the 'agricultural revolution' saw many people pushed off the land and into cities and if the 'industrial revolution' then saw those new urban masses exploited for their cheap labour in the mills and factories then the 'information age' saw data begin to become a new form of currency. In the information revolution you were supposed to: -join facebook -join twitter -own a smart phone -use google for all your searches -use microsoft windows as your software -have a youtube account -pay for things digitally and not with cash -begin to engage with digital currencies This phase was really about starting to rewire your brain so that there was a dopamine feedback loop as you synched your consciousness with the screen. All the while you were doing that the artificial intelligence was studying you and learning from you The next phase is the 'fourth industrial revolution' aka 'the great reset' which aims to actually merge you with the silicon consciousness in the scrying mirror by making everything including you 'smart' and interconnected One way to prevent this happening is to refuse to do all the things they wanted you to do in the information age phase. If enough people refuse to embrace the informational age and instead become DIVERGENT so that they create an independent and separate community then we might just have a chance at heading off the fourth industrial revolution by creating something outside of the 'smart'-grid The likelihood of people actually grasping this in large enough numbers and then acting on it looks, at this stage to be slim to zero which means that many people are now on a fast-track to full assimilation with silicon consciousness. What the implications are for those of us rejecting all this is yet to be seen but i don't expect to be left to go about my business unimpeded (that's an under statement)
  16. Now suddenly all the media virus & virtue signalling politicans are talking about free speech again.
  17. Please, don't! You'll have me turning into one of them Conspiracy Theorists!
  18. Microsoft actually writes code for the Linux kernel and so does the NSA, it's all documented as it's open source.
  19. Might relate to the start of the game, the chess game, that only trump can win.
  20. He's had a dig at some people i felt didn't deserve it like dr carrie madej and neil oliver and its almost like he has gone down a rabbit hole where he now sees everyone as a conspirator On the other hand he does say some interesting things so we can't write off everything he says. So i guess if, as an excercise, we were trying to assess if they are legit we would need to be on the look out for a poisoned pill For example where a person says a lot of things that are true to build trust so that they can then get you to swallow something that isn't true, kinda like that nice big juicy apple that the witch hands snow white with the poison in it Passio accuses the new age of doing this; he says it contains a lot of good content but that it then also puts in poisoned pills for example it tells people not to look at the 'negative' as that will then help bring it into manifestation. Both mark passio and david icke have said they believe that it is wrong to ignore the negative (ie its important to do the shadow work) I agree with Odds that i reckon hugo does read this forum so it will be interesting to see how he responds
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