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Monday, 28 November 2016

Thawing Arctic ice reveals new clues to mystery of the lost ships Terror and Erebus

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An illustration of the position of the HMS Terror at sunrise on July 14, 1837.
Owen Stanley, Library and Archiv
An illustration of the position of the HMS Terror at sunrise on July 14, 1837.
Almost two centuries ago, 134 men set sail on two British naval ships to discover the fabled Northwest Passage, a trade route through the Arctic linking Europe to the riches of the East.
They never returned.
The Inuit, native residents of the North, tell tales of the three-masted ships caught in ice and of men afflicted by scurvy and going hungry, until finally they broke the biggest taboo of humankind: cannibalism.
Sir John Franklin, the Arctic explorer, did not consult with the Inuit before traversing the dangerous Victoria Strait.
Sir John Franklin, the Arctic explorer, did not consult with the Inuit before traversing the dangerous Victoria Strait.
Despite search efforts, neither ship was found.
It was not until 2014 that the first traces of the expedition emerged, when divers located a shipwreck that they identified as HMS Erebus, named after the spiritual limbo between Earth and hell.
Last month, the second big piece of the mystery fell into place when an Inuit ranger and a team of explorers announced that they had located HMS Terror - in near-pristine condition, not far from the Erebus - at the bottom of the Northwest Passage.
The route of the fated expedition.
The Washington Post
The route of the fated expedition.
The story of the ships' loss and eventual finding reveals how much the Arctic, and our relationship with this frontier, has changed in just a few decades.
The ice is no longer what it once was; scientists think that the Arctic will be reliably ice-free and navigable in the summer by the middle of the century, if not earlier.
Where the doomed ships were found.

Where the doomed ships were found.
A cruise ship carrying more than 1000 tourists traversed the northern ocean of North America for the first time this year.
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The conditions today are balmy in comparison to what the expeditioners faced in the middle of the 19th century, at the height of the British Empire.
The admiralty asked John Franklin, a 59-year-old polar explorer, to find a northern sea path linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
The American search party led by Frederick Schwatka which succeeded in finding remains of explorer Sir John Franklin's ...
Hulton Archive
The American search party led by Frederick Schwatka which succeeded in finding remains of explorer Sir John Franklin's ill-fated 1845 Arctic expedition. Here they break off their 5000km dogsled journey to camp at a Netchillik Inuit village, under the glow of the midnight sun.
No one knew for certain that such a passage existed, but finding it would be yet another jewel in the British crown.
Europeans thought of the world as perfect and symmetrical, according to Franklin's Lost Ship, a book by John Geiger and Alanna Mitchell.
Explorers had discovered a passage at the bottom of South America that linked the Atlantic and the Pacific. And so people reasoned that a similar one must exist in the north.
The expedition was beleaguered by thick ice and Franklin died in June 1847 and most of the team died of starvation, as ...
Hulton Archive
The expedition was beleaguered by thick ice and Franklin died in June 1847 and most of the team died of starvation, as depicted in this painting by W Turner Smith.
Franklin knew how to navigate through ice, said Tom Zagon, a physical scientist with Canadian Ice Services. He chose two military vessels - the Erebus and the Terror - for the journey and reinforced their hulls with iron to withstand the crushing force of ice.
He filled his hold with three years' worth of canned food in case the voyage took longer than the expected two years.
On May 19, 1845, Erebus and Terror, both painted a menacing black with a yellow stripe, set off down the River Thames and into the Atlantic Ocean. Londoners thronged the banks and cheered the might of their empire.
Parks Canada image shows one of two ships from the lost Franklin expedition.
Parks Canada image shows one of two ships from the lost Franklin expedition.
Success seemed assured.
But Franklin was heading into a frontier that science had not mastered.
Compasses did not work properly because their magnetic readings were impaired by proximity to the North Pole. There were no weather reports. It was much colder than today, and there were years with no summer ice melt at all, said Ryan Harris, an underwater archaeologist at Parks Canada.
Ships can quickly get trapped in cement-like ice.
The expedition entered the Arctic Ocean before the end of May and picked through the labyrinth of the Canadian Arctic archipelago.
Franklin and his men reached as far north as 77 degrees, about 1368km from the North Pole, before wintering on a tiny uninhabited island.

Beechey Island 

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The sea ice must have been unusually light for the ships to get as far north as they did, Zagon said.
The landscape there is flat and desolate, with storms bringing 100kmh icy winds from the North Pole.
There is almost no wildlife, and the only flora are stubborn Arctic mosses that cling to black rocks littering the frozen ground. The region is vast; even today, only 10 per cent of the Canadian Arctic has been mapped.
The only way to survive is by listening to the Inuit, said Adrian Schimnowski, chief executive of the Arctic Research Foundation, who spends five months every year in the North.
"When the Inuit give you advice on weather, hunting grounds, the best route to take to get somewhere, I follow 100 per cent what they say," he said.
"They know the land better than anyone else."
Inuit oral history suggests that Franklin and his men, however, did not consult with them.
In September 1846, the British made a fateful decision to sail through a dangerous channel, the Victoria Strait. The strait is only 321km from the Canadian mainland, and yet it routinely experiences heavier ice conditions than areas farther north, Zagon said.
Zagon thinks a storm crept up on the expedition, icing Victoria Strait within hours and trapping the ships.
The men huddled onboard for nearly two years, waiting for the ice to clear. But even in summer, it remained unyielding, said Edward Carmack an emeritus oceanographer with the Institute of Ocean Sciences in British Columbia.
Two dozen men, including Franklin, died of illness.
The remaining men abandoned the ships on April 22, 1848, in a mad effort to walk south, across King William Island, to the Canadian mainland.
It was a dangerous plan; in biting winds, it took them three days just to trek across the 24km of ice to the island. We know this because five years later, a note written by Erebus' commander was found under a stone landmark on King William Island.
Search parties dispatched from Britain did not find the ships or any survivors, but the Inuit told them of having seen men starving, their faces blackened possibly by scurvy.
The survivors ate their comrades after boiling body parts in their boots, the Inuit said.
The oral history seemed to be confirmed in 2014 when scientists examined human remains from King William Island and found hack marks apparently left on skeletal remains by desperate butchers.
Franklin's ships had been considered lost to history. But in the 2000s, as the summer sea ice began to clear because of global warming, nations jostled to access the Arctic's riches.
In 2008, Canada began searching for the Erebus and the Terror as one way to prove a centuries-long link to the North.
"Franklin's ships are an important part of Canadian history given that his expeditions laid the foundations of Canada's Arctic sovereignty," Stephen Harper, who was then Canada's prime minister, said in 2014.
A coalition of Canadian government agencies and the Arctic Research Foundation, a nonprofit backed by BlackBerry founder and Ontario native Jim Balsillie, began sweeping the Northwest Passages for Franklin's ships using sonar.
In 2014, the Erebus showed up on the sonar. When divers examined it, they found a nearly intact ship.
Off to one side was a massive bell, cast in 1845 to honour the expedition.
On the lower decks are intact chests where the men had stored their personal effects, said Harris of Parks Canada.
Underwater archaeologists are carefully recovering artifacts.
A second breakthrough came in September, when Sammy Kogvik, an Inuit ranger who lives in Gjoa Haven, the only settlement on King William Island, boarded an Arctic Research Foundation vessel, where he told Schimnowski an odd story: Seven winters ago, he and a friend had been snowmobiling off King William Island, on the secluded and frozen Terror Bay, when they saw a pole sticking out of the ice.
They went closer and saw that it was a six-foot-tall wooden mast.
Kogvik wrapped his arms and legs around it and hung off it while his friend snapped a photo. But Kogvik lost the camera during the trip and never told anyone about the incident, although he had thought of Franklin's doomed expedition.
Schimnowski immediately set course for Terror Bay, which was ice-free this past summer.
His team used a side-scan sonar, which images the ocean floor, to peer through the turbid waters. Just as they were about to give up, they passed right over an ancient three-masted ship at the bottom of the ocean, 130km north of the Erebus.
Divers examined the ship a week later and confirmed that it is the Terror.
The ship is tightly sealed and probably contains documents and other artifacts in pristine condition.
"All in all, it makes for a rather dramatic visual to see this steely ship lying at rest on the sea floor," Harris said.
Scientists say it is doubtful that the Erebus and the Terror would have been found if they had been hidden under the ice common during Franklin's time or even the ice found in the 1970s and 1980s.
Until recently, Victoria Strait thawed only once every 10 years, but now it usually clears every summer, Zagon said. Instruments such as a side-scan sonar are best used in open water.
Over the next few years, Parks Canada scientists will study the ships, photograph them and excavate the site to learn as much as they can about the expedition's fate.
They will look for bodies, and perhaps even the coffin of Franklin.
They will recover artifacts, documents, charts and other materials to answer old questions and new ones: Why is the Terror so far north of the Erebus? Did the men sail her there? And why did so many men fall ill so rapidly? Why did they decide on a treacherous trek that claimed their lives?
"These were trained men, and they didn't just sit on the boat and starve to death," Carmack said. "They looked for ways out. What was the trail of death, and what will we uncover to complete the story of that survival epic?"
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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) - Scientist and Inventor. The Genius Who Lit the World

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Tesla Memorial Society of New York - 33 Years
Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit the World

Tesla's Main Achievements

  • Rotating Magnetic Field - Discovered 1882 in Budapest, Hungary
  • Alternating Current - Lighting the Whole World Today
  • AC Motor - One of the Ten Greatest Discoveries of All Time
  • Tesla Coil
  • Tesla Unit T =W/m²
    All MRI machines are calibrated in Tesla Units
  • Radio
  • Neon Lights
  • Robotics
  • Free Energy
  • Columbian Exposition - 1893 - Chicago, Illinois
    The World's Fair
    America Celebrates 400 Years Since Discovery
    Victory of Alternating Current Electricity
  • Niagara Falls Power Plant - 1896
  • Colorado Springs Laboratory - 1899
  • Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla's Wireless World System) 1901 - 1905
  • Transmission of Electrical Energy without wires
  • Use of Ionosphere for scientific purposes
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Above: Tesla's Alternating Current is lighting the entire globe and providing electricity for industry and progress.

"Nikola Tesla : The Genius Who Lit the World"

Above: Documentary Film Produced By
Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President, Tesla Memorial Society of New York
in cooperation with the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.
Tesla Corner Above: Nikola Tesla Street Corner on West 40th Street and 6th Avenue, Manhattan, New York.
Above: Tesla commemorative plaque on Hotel New Yorker erected July 10, 2001 by the Tesla Memorial Society of New York and Hotel New Yorker.
Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York, organized this plaque erection on Hotel New Yorker.
Plaque Above: Commemorative Plaque on Building (32 West 40 Street, Manhattan, New York), "The Engineers Club", was erected in memory of famous American Engineers who helped America transform from a largely agricultural nation to an architectural and industrial empire. Nikola Tesla's name is included on the plaque among other famous Americans. Susannah Norris-Lindsay, artist who designed the commemorative plaque, was instrumental in putting Nikola Tesla's name on the plaque.
Radio Wave Building Above:  Plaque of Nikola Tesla on Radio Wave Building.  Radio Wave Building located at 49 West 27th Street (between Broadway and Sixth Avenue), Lower Manhattan. It was the former Gerlach Hotel, where Tesla lived before the end of the century and experimented with Radio Waves, in 1896.

Nikola Tesla's Alternating Current Electricity is driving our civilization to progress - Nikola Tesla is "The Genius Who Lit The World"

Satellite Photo of "Earth at Night" - Tesla's Electrical Lights over continents  was published in the National Geographic Magazine, November Issue 2004

Above: Earth at Night (click to enlarge).
Tesla's Alternating Current is today lighting the globe.  Photo by NASA satellites.
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Board Members of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York
Tesla Memorial Society of New York (30 year history of the Society) written by Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President of the Society
The Year of 2006 is "Nikola Tesla Year".  This year was proclaimed by the governments of Serbia and Croatia, UNESCO, and the Professional Engineers of Ontario, Canada.
Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's birth in the Year 2006
United States Governors Proclamations Proclaiming in their States "Nikola Tesla Day" on July 10th
Tesla-related places in New York City
Nikola Tesla Monument within Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Falls (Canadian side) was unveiled on July 9, 2006
Above: Tesla Monument at Niagara Falls (Canadian side), Queen Victoria Park, unveiled on July 9, 2006.  Tesla is standing atop an AC motor, one of the 700 inventions he patented. The monument was the work of Canadian sculptor Les Dryzdale.
Above: Tesla Monument at Goat Island, Niagara Falls, New York.  Gift of Yugoslavia to the United States, 1976.
Nikola Tesla designed the first hydro-electric power plant in Niagara Falls.  This was the final victory of Tesla's Alternating Current over Edison's Direct Current.  The monument was the work of Croatian sculptor Frane Krsinic.
Tesla Memorial Society of New York is celebrating its 27th anniversary.  It was founded in Buffalo, New York in 1979.  It is the oldest Tesla Society in North America dedicated to keeping the memory of Nikola Tesla alive.  We are committed to the pursuit of science, progress, brotherhood among all nations and religions around the world.
Above: New York City, Manhattan.  Nikola Tesla lived and worked in New York City for almost 60 years.

Tesla's Ashes in the Tesla Museum, Belgrade

Above: Tesla ashes were placed in a golden sphere, Tesla Museum, Belgrade.

International "Nikola Tesla Day"

Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade Website

Above: Nikola Tesla, showing the inventor in the effulgent glory of myriad tongues of electrical flame, New York Sunday World, 1894.
Above: Nikola Tesla, with Roger Boskovich's book "Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis", in front of the spiral coil of his high-frequency transformer at East Houston St., New York
Above: The letterhead of Tesla's business stationery recalls some of his more important inventions.

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This website contains important documents and photos about Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Michael Pupin, famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, Mileva Maric (Einstein's wife), Stanford White (Tesla's friend), Dr. George Papanicolaou,Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, Robert Underwood Johnson and painter Princess Lwoff-Parlaghy (Click on the names for more information).  This website is our contribution to science, history and the memory of those geniuses. 
Click here for Memory of the World, United Nations (Unesco)
The Tesla Bust by world famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, 1939
Above: Wardenclyffe Tower with electrical sparks.  Tesla built this tower to transfer electricity without wires to electrify the entire earth and to be the first broadcasting system in the world.
Above: The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York City, the place where Michael Pupin and  Nikola Tesla had funeral services.
Above: Transmitting Tesla Tower and Laboratory built in 1901-1905 by Stanford White, famous architect and Tesla's friend.  Located in Wardenclyffe, Long Island.  This was to be the first broadcasting system in the world.  Tesla also wanted to transmit electricity from this Tower to the whole globe without wires using the Ionosphere.  The source of the transmitted electricity was to be the Niagara Falls power plant.

Click here for Tesla's discovery of the rotating magnetic field

THE BLACKOUT OF 2003 - Only one day without Tesla's Alternating Current Electricity, America returned to the Dark Ages

Above: Nikola Tesla designed the first hydro-electric power plant in Niagara Falls.  This was the final victory of Tesla's Alternating Current over Edison's Direct Current.  This is the interior of Power House No. 1 of the Niagara Falls Power Company (1895-1899).
Above: View of the main water-fall at the Niagara river.  Beginning of the 20th century.
Above: Experimental Station at Colorado Springs where the first wireless transmission experiments were preformed (1899-1900). 
Above: Tesla sits below the Tesla Coil in his Colorado Spring Laboratory.  The coil creates millions of volts of electricity with a frequency rate of 100,000 alterations per second.
Above: One of the original Tesla Electric Motors from 1888 which is today the main power of for industry and household appliances.  Tesla's Electric Motor is one of the ten greatest inventions of all times.
Above:  Tesla is the father of high frequency high voltage electricity which is used today in radio and other communication devices.  Here is a photo from Colorado Springs, Colorado (in 1899), illustrating the capacity of the oscillator to create electricity of millions of volts and a frequency of 100,000 alternations per second.
Nikola Tesla holding a gas-filled phosphor-coated light bulb which was illuminated without wires by an electromagnetic field from the "Tesla Coil".
Tesla's Tribute - "Earth At Night" (Click here for NASA photo where you see electrical lights at night lighting every continent from Tesla's Alternating Current Electricity)

Who's Tesla?  

tesla1.jpgNikola Tesla (1856-1943) was the genius who lit the world, whose discoveries in the field of alternating polyphase current electricity advanced the United States and the rest of the world into the modern industrial era.
Nikola Tesla had 700 patents in the US and Europe. Tesla's discoveries include the Tesla Coil, fluorescent light,Tesla Statue wireless transmission of electrical energy, radio, remote control, discovery of cosmic radio waves and use of ionosphere for scientific purposes.
Nikola Tesla was a New Yorker, who lived and worked in New York City almost 60 years and died at Hotel New Yorker, in Manhattan, on January 7, 1943.
We here at the Tesla Memorial Society of New York want the world to know of Tesla.  Tesla's impact on our civilization is tremendous, and his memory should be kept alive.
In 1917, Tesla was awarded the Edison Medal, the most coveted electrical prize in the United States. 
Nikola Tesla's name has been honored with an International Unit of Magnetic Flux Density called "Tesla".
The United States Postal Service honored Tesla with a commemorative stamp in 1983. 
Tesla was inducted into the Inventor's Hall of Fame in 1975.
The Nikola Tesla Award is one of the most distinguished honors presented by the Institute of Electrical Engineers.  The award has been given annually since 1976.
The Nikola Tesla Award is presented annually since 1968, at the Area Power Conference, Duluth, Minnesota.  The award is furnished by Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation.
The Nikola Tesla Statue is located on Goat Island to honor the man whose inventions were incorporated into the Niagara Falls Power Station in 1896.  Tesla is known as the inventor of the polyphase alternating current.
The Nikola Tesla Corner Sign located at the intersection of 40th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan, is a constant reminder to all New Yorkers of the greatness of this genius.
Many of the new technologies in the world today, are based on Tesla's ideas.  Tesla spent 50 years of his life to find a way for interplanetary communications, especially with Mars.  He is the first scientist in the world to use the Ionosphere for scientific purposes (The Ionosphere is the upper part the atmosphere under constant bombardment of solar energy, which breaks down molecules into ions causing an ionized shield of our atmosphere, very important for radio communications).
Nikola Tesla is a unifying force for the people of the Balkans, and the people of the previous Austro-Hungary Empire (an area of Europe devoted to science and progress).  Every child in the Balkans knows about Tesla.
The Tesla Memorial Society of New York is proposing that Tesla's birthday, July 10th, be proclaimed by the United Nations "Nikola Tesla Day".  This day will signify a day of science, cosmos explorations, and brotherhood among nations and religions around the world.
We are asking all Tesla admirers and all governments around the world to support the idea of "Nikola Tesla Day".
The World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893 was the World's Fair commemorating 400 years since Chrstopher Columbys set foot in the New World.   This was the first great victory of Tesla's Alternating Current Electricity.  Tesla and George Westinghouse started the electrification of the globe.
The Tesla Collection : 23 Volume Set, Newspaper and Magazine articles about Tesla (from 1887 - 1920) is the most comprehensive information about Tesla ever published.  Those are newspaper articles written by Tesla and/or about Tesla when he was alive.

The Tesla Collection

"From Immigrant to Inventor : Michael Pupin Remembered": VHS

This film was produced in association with Columbia University Physics Department.  This is one of the rare documentary films about Michael Pupin, the history of Columbia University and the history of American Immigration.   Participants of the film are:
Prof. S.W. WU - Pupin Medalist.
Prof. Emeritus Samuel Devons - Chairman Physics Depart. Columbia University
Prof. Cyril M, Harris - President, New York Academy of Sciences Prof. Rodney W. Nichols - New York Academy of Sciences
William Aspray - Director IEEE Archives
Hallee Haswell - Director, Columbia Library
Author of the Film: Dr. Ljubo Vujovic

Tesla Unit

Tesla Unit for magnetic flux density equation (T=W/m2) on Serbian money.

Tesla = Weber/m²

Nikola Tesla's name has been honored with the international unit of magnetic flux density called "Tesla".  All magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines are calibrated with Tesla Unit (from .2 Tesla to 9 Tesla).  MRI machines work on the principle of a homogeneous magnet field.  Nikola Tesla discovered the Rotating Magnetic Field in Budapest, 1882.  The Tesla Unit for magnetism was established in 1956 in the Rathaus of Munich, Germany by the International Electrotechnical Commission Committee in Action.
Because of the tremendous importance of the MRI technology and widespread use of the MRI machines around the world, which are all calibrated in Tesla Units, Tesla's name connected with the MRI will be known more and more in the future and the years to come.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is extremely important for medical diagnosis of internal organs of the human body, especially the diagnosis of cancer, tumors, degenerative diseases of the brain and spinal cord. The modern diagnosis of the internal organs of the human body would be today unthinkable without MRI.  MRI machines are  widespread with many variations in size and capacity all around the world.  The revenue of MRI machines sales was 1.46 billion dollars in 2002.  Revenue for MRI machine sales is expected to increase in the following years.
MRI employs a strong homogeneous magnetic field and specific radio frequency to which many elements, especially hydrogen nuclei respond with radio frequency signals.  These signals are analyzed by computer reconstruction algorithms.  The healthy tissue and pathological tissue have different radio frequency signals and produce different images on MRI.  Therefore enable us to make diagnosis of pathological tissues of the body.
MRI has the advantage over CT scan, it uses no ionizing radiation and does not cause cumulative harm.  The only contraindication of those related to the high magnetic field.  Magnetic-sensitive objects like pacemakers, watched and magnetic tapes are contraindicated.
A Short History of the MRI (Click here for article)

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Biography of Dr. Ljubo Vujovic
   Dr. James F. Corum and Dr. Kenneth Corum, scientists and Tesla researchers, authors of the scientific paper "Nikola Tesla and the Planetary Radio Signals".  Dr. Corum registered radio signals from Jupiter using Tesla's instruments. (On page 24,  paragraph 10 of Dr. Corum's paper click on red box to hear radio signals from Jupiter)
Tesla's Connection to Columbia University by Dr. Kenneth L. Corum and Dr. James F. Corum, Ph.D., an excellent informative article
Tesla's 1899 Colorado Springs Receiver Construction
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Power Point Document - Nikola Tesla and the discovery of Radio
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